Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Despite the Governor’s veto of the Liberty Natural Gas project, the Federal Agencies in charge of the approval process have yet to declare the project officially over and official comments are still being submitted by the few remaining supporters of the project.  Please take a few moments today to post brief official comments on your objections to the LNG project.  Comments are due by 5pm TODAY (February 23)!

If you were planning on testifying at the Public Hearings, just submit what you were going to say, even if it’s only a few lines.  Below are the link to comment electronically and some talking points to use if you want.

  • The Liberty Natural Gas application document is thousands of pages long.  We don’t need an Environmental Impact Survey to know it is environmentally harmful, not in the public interest, will lead to increased energy costs, threaten coastal jobs, put communities at risk from pipelines, and increase our dependency on foreign energy.  By terminating the project now, millions of tax payer dollars will be saved since federal, state, and local staff will not need to perform costly and time consuming permit writing activities.   
  • 87 organizations, 35 towns and governing bodies, and over 20,000 citizens have reviewed the project and agree that it is wrong for the region.
·         Governor Christie performed his due diligence – he and his staff at the NJDEP spent several months reviewing the project and analyzing its potential impacts before ultimately concluding that it wasn’t consistent with the New Jersey shore economy, environment, and community.

  • With the power vested in him by the federal Deepwater Port Act, Governor Christie has vetoed this project.  Federal agencies must declare the Liberty Natural Gas project null and void because, under the law, a Governor’s veto is the final word.

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