Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lights, Camera, ACTION!

Growing up watching television, I often thought that it sure would be great if someone would broadcast things that were important to me and my circle of friends.  I dreamt of a world where anyone could be on television and share freely.

Fast forward 20 years and there's an answer to my younger self's dreams: YouTube! 

This little (err, humongous!) site is one of my guilty pass times because I can find everything and more on this site.  From funny commercials to long-lost-episodes of favorite shows to political commentary, the site has become one-stop-shopping for all my online broadcast queries.

\It's also home to Clean Ocean Action's station. 

Here, you'll find an evolving channel, filled with public hearings, PSA's and fun things we shoot around the office.  Sign up, follow us and stay tuned on YouTube for fun in 2011!

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