Friday, October 26, 2012

Hurricane Sandy: A Warning Against Future Offshore Industrialization

Hurricane Sandy is advancing north toward the Mid-Atlantic.  

Although the projected paths vary on where the storm will hit land, it is clear that if we allow offshore energy projects like LNG terminals and Offshore Oil Drilling the ocean would be MORE at risk and the potential impacts (economic and environmental) to our coastal areas would greatly increase.

Oil and gas exploration plans are underway from mid-Florida to the southern tip of New Jersey with deafening seismic sonar surveys expected to begin next year - blasting deafening sound waves across the seafloor (killing, harming, and dispersing all forms of marine life (to varying degrees)).  There are active proponents in Virginia who want to see oil rigs off their coast ASAP. 

Similarly, Liquefied Natural Gas Terminals have been proposed off the New Jersey and New York coasts.  These facilities would be the docking sites of giant tanker ships carrying vast quantities of concentrated energy.

Across the Gulf of Mexico region, hurricanes have damaged and destroyed rigs and pipeline ports - resulting in oil spills and debris that have destroyed coastal ecosystems (anyone remember the BP Deepwater Horizon?!?).  Billion dollar coastal economies of the Atlantic Coast that depend on clean oceans would be jeopardized.  

YOU get help protect our coasts and industry-free oceans by supporting the Clean Ocean Zone and COA as we continue to fight these offshore energy threats to our oceans!

Help us keep these industries out of the ocean so that the next time we're facing yet another major storm, we're not also living with the fear of an offshore energy disaster!

More on Hurricane Sandy

Please take care and prepare for the storm.

Useful links on the looming offshore energy threat:


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