Monday, November 5, 2012

Super Storm Sandy

Dear Friends of the Ocean,

Super Storm Sandy has devastated coastal communities along the shore of our area – the NJ/NY Clean Ocean Zone.

The staff and Board of Trustees of Clean Ocean Action are OK and dealing with varying degrees of restoration. We are concerned for our COAlition and hope to hear from all of you. Please contact us through COA’s Facebook, Twitter or email. We will b
e doing our best to communicate.

Like much of the coast, Sandy Hook was washed over and much of the infrastructure has been compromised. The National Park Service is working very hard to reopen Sandy Hook. Though our office was not damaged or flooded we will not be able to return to work there for some time, so we are currently relocating.

In the meantime, COA is linking-up with many relief/clean-up efforts and will post information about them on our website, Facebook, and Twitter. If you know of any resources to share, please let us know through Facebook or Twitter as our computer server is not connected.

Importantly, sewage systems along the coasts have been compromised so please avoid making primary contact (touching or swimming) with any near-shore waters until they have been tested and determined safe. Rubber gloves should be worn during any clean-up activities.

Our thoughts and hearts are with those who have been impacted. The ocean and coast have incredible ability to heal,and so we will work to improve and protect our marine environment and the clean ocean economies it supports.

Ever onward,

All at COA

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