Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Marine Scientist Turned Ocean Advocate

Jaime Frungillo -- Duke University Class of 2014 -- Restore the Shore Intern

Since I was a child, I loved spending time in the water and learning about the ocean and its marine life. My love for it led me to receive a BA in Marine Science at Boston University. Although I have studied marine science since I was eighteen, I have never directly contributed to marine conservation. As a New Jersey native, it is particularly important for me to research the environmental impacts of Superstorm Sandy, as well as educate others about our oceans and how to conserve them. The Restore the Shore Internship with Clean Ocean Action presents an opportunity for me to use my knowledge of marine science, gain valuable experience with public policy and citizen action, and directly participate in Beach Sweeps to remove trash from our beaches.

Currently, I am a first-year Master’s student at Duke University with a concentration in Coastal Environmental Management. Through my coursework and past work experiences, I have training in water quality, marine conservation, and education. I have taken courses in Marine Biogeochemistry and Environmental Toxicology to help understand where pollutants come from, how they end up in the water, and their environmental and social impacts. My time at Duke University has introduced me to public policy, taught me how to promote citizen participation in resource protection, and how to create unique solutions to environmental conflicts. I am happy to join COA in its efforts to raise environmental awareness and to help recovery, restoration, and rebuilding of the New Jersey and New York beaches. 

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