Wednesday, June 26, 2013

NRDC "Testing the Waters" Report Released: How Does Your Beach Rank?

Today, the NRDC published their 23rd annual beachwater quality report. The report analyzes water quality and number of beach closings and swimming advisories at 3,000 US beach locations. Closing and swimming advisories are caused from polluted water and threat of contamination. Stormwater runoff and sewage are sources of contamination.  The NRDC also rates the 200 most popular beaches based on water quality, testing practices, and public notifications over the last five years. No NY/NJ beaches received a perfect rating; however, 14 did receive 4:5 stars. Two of NY/NJ beaches were within the top 11 beaches that violated standards.

Each of the 30 states evaluated for this report were ranked according to the number of water quality samples violating the EPA’s federal standards. The lowest ranked state has the fewest violations. Based on data for 2012, NY is ranked 22nd and NJ is ranked 7th. Last year, NY and NJ had 1,871 closing and advisory days. Violations per county were evaluated for each state: Monroe County, NY and Ocean County, NJ had the most violations.

One strategy to reduce water contamination is green infrastructure, which reduces stormwater. New York has already finalized a plan for green infrastructure projects and we hope New Jersey will do the same.  

Click here to read the press release. 

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