Thursday, May 21, 2015

Help Save Dolphins Off the Jersey Shore - Call & Email Rutgers President Barchi Today!

Rutgers Ocean blasting study is back with vengeance, 26 times worse than originally proposed! If permitted, the Rutgers study can cause any act of pursuit, torment, or annoyance to 18,457 marine mammals, including over 12,500 bottlenose dolphins and their infant calves. This exponential increase should be shocking to Rutgers University, especially its researchers, faculty, President and Board of Trustees.  Rutgers should stop this study, now!

The relentless seismic blasts from the air-gun array at 246 decibels every 5-6 seconds, 24 hours a day for 30 days can cause serious harm. The newly issued Incidental Harassment Authorization by federal officials would allow the harassment of over 32 species, mostly bottlenose dolphins-including newborn calves, as well as endangered species  such as the northern right whale, humpback, sei, fin, blue and sperm whales. In addition, five species of endangered sea turtles will also be harmed including the Kemps Ridley-the rarest and most critically endangered! 

Please help to save New Jersey marine life by calling and emailing Rutgers University President Barchi urging him to cancel the seismic study to avoid harm to marine mammals during peak summer months for migration and breeding! The 60 million year old rocks they are studying would still be there in January, when less marine life will be in the area.


Sample Message for email:

Dear President Barchi,

I care about the ocean and marine life because ________________________________________

Please cancel the Rutgers University seismic study off the coast of Barnegat Inlet. The study would allow "any act of pursuit, torment, or annoyance" of 18,457 marine mammals, 26 times the amount proposed last year. This includes over 12,000 bottle nosed dolphin and their infant calves.  

Rutgers must also be shocked at the level of harm; it is unconscionable and cannot be allowed.  The ocean blasting will also harm fishing, diving, and tourism activities, especially during the summer when marine life is at the peak of breeding and migrating.  Though there is no good time to conduct this study, during the winter less marine life would be threatened.

I believe you should stop this study because ___________________________________________

Stop the study, now!

 Thank you!

Sample Tweets:

@RutgersU seismic study will harm of 18,457 marine mammals #RUserious urge RU to cancel the study #RUflippincrazy #saveNJMarineLife

@RutgersU will blast the ocean at 246 decibels every 5-6 seconds, 24 hours a day for 30 days this summer #RUflippincrazy #SaveNJMarineLife

18,131 dolphins could be harmed during the @RutgersU seismic study. #RU flipping serious?! #RUflippincrazy #SaveNJMarineLife

Call @RutgersU President Barchi urging him to cancel the seismic study #RUlflippincrazy #saveNJMarinelife 

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