Tuesday, May 26, 2015

State Senate President Sweeney & Congressman Pallone Urge President Barchi to Cancel Seismic Study

On May 22, 2015, NJ Senate President Sweeney, in conjunction with US Congressman Pallone, authored a letter directed to Rutgers University President Barchi, urging him, as President of the University leading the seismic survey, to halt the proposed actions immediately. Citing the disruptive impact and damaging effects of seismic testing on the marine environment, especially the impact to the recreational and commercial fishing industries which operate at peak capacity during the summer months, Congressman Pallone and Senator Sweeney, emphasized that Rutgers University should “aspire to be a good state citizen by minimizing negative impacts to our residents, businesses, and the environment.” The letter stressed how critical a healthy ocean ecosystem is to the economy of NJ, as almost 10,000 jobs are produced from the recreational and commercial fishing industries alone, not including the ancillary jobs necessary to support vibrant summer tourism based economy for many communities.

Clean Ocean Action thanks Senate President Sweeney and Congressman Pallone for their effective advocacy in support of a productive and intact marine environment.

Find a copy of the letter here.

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