Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Be the Sea Change

A message from a friend of the ocean:

Hello Ocean Advocates,

Many of us enjoy the beauty and tranquility that a “day at the beach” provides. My wife and I decided to start our family close to the beach, so that our girls would grow up with wonderful experiences that only the waves and sand can provide. 

I became alarmed at the state of our Ocean after watching the documentary “Garbage Island” which exposed how polluted our ocean is with plastic. Plastics have been found in every cycle of the food chain and one day could make it to your dinner plate – a scary and very realistic scenario.

I have teamed up with Clean Ocean Action, one of the countries leading national and regional voices working to protect our ocean through science, law, education and action.  Together we have built an educational school program focused on teaching children how to keep plastics out of our ocean.  We linked up with the author of “Sea Change” Joel Harper, a passionate advocate for ocean awareness, and will be reading his book in classrooms around the country.

Our goal is to teach our future leaders about how they can protect their ocean by keeping harmful plastics out.

It is a simple, but immensely effective method of educating our children and embedding an awareness that will protect our oceans for future enjoyment. After reading Sea Change to my own 2 year old daughter, she  now spots discarded water bottles and says “yucky, that makes the crabbies sick!”  It amazed me how quickly she understood that discarded plastic items do not belong on the side of the road.

Our hope is that this youthful  perspective will awaken many of us who have come to accept that plastic trash in the street and on the beach is normal.

I would be honored to have your support for this cause.  Your contributions go even further thanks to my amazing employer, Edrington’s double match program, focused on giving back to sustainable causes.  With your $25 donation, it will allow us to educate 25 children with a copy of “Sea Change” and the materials for the in class lesson plan and take home. 100% of your donation will go to making this educational campaign a reality and to reducing the plastic pollution in YOUR ocean.

Thank you very much for your help

Tom Stein

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